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Jenny’s Journals

The Highs and even more Lows

2 April 2017

After such misery in March, April was surely going to be better; started off with a game against Man City. The game may have finished 2-2 but I saw some fighting spirit from the team and the fans got behind them. Three days later we had the Hammers at home, a 3-0 win, we had finally turned it around

10th April 2017

So excited about this game – Palace away, Monday Night Football; that buzzing atmosphere at Selhurst Park is something that needs to be experienced on a much regular basis. I even got a Brucie bonus by bumping into the Hindu Hot Stuff (HHS) himself on the train, such a charming young man. However what I saw on that pitch is something that I want to quickly forget about. Sure the Arsenal players had not allowed themselves to become over confident. Losing I can handle but when I am witnessing how many international players looking rather perplexed at the round thing bobbling on the grass and not sure what to do with it. Shocking, truly fucking shocking! As badly as they played (or in their case didn’t play) even I was taken back by the venom coming from many of the Arsenal fans. With the lack of effort by the players I felt what these fans were singing was correct, that they were not fit to wear the shirt, but the hatred was at another level and quite frankly did not sit well with me. I sank down in my seat and just wished the ground would open up. The abuse Bellerin got when came over at the end of the match was startling, some of the fans I can only describe as feral. However there was one pleasing sight when they cameras picked up the lovely Buddha Gooner who looked like she did not have a care in the world. Another thing that I took from that game was no wonder people think football fans are thick, when this guy was having a go about Ramsay’s ability and said Elneny could do a better job, I said “I concur”. He then started arguing with me for not agreeing with him. I mean, really you want to stand there and argue with me and you don’t even know the meaning of the word. It took other people to confirm to him that they mean the same thing and I that I had actually agreed with him.

I was already beginning to regret that I was going to Middlesbrough for yet another re-arranged Monday night kick-off where it was clear that the FA and Sky Sport have no interest in the away supporters. Fancy moving the game from Easter Saturday to the Easter Monday 8pm kick-off just so Sky can #MNF. But still we went in our thousands. Some of you even got the pleasure of my mug across your screens when Sky did a close of me going into the ground. I do hope you had all eaten by then, why I was pulling a stupid face was beyond me. Obviously still shell shocked from the previous week the players seemed scared of their own shadows but still we left there 2-1 winners. It was also nice to see fans making amends to Hector Bellerin by chanting his name. There is a particular knob that goes to the away games in the full length Arsenal grey coat, he is as cheerful as the grim reaper himself. Instead of celebrating the win he sat there and moaned because we had lost the week before and all the other games we had lost. Sometimes I find it difficult to hold my own counsel and had to say “when do you ever stop fucking moaning, you moan when we lose and you moan when we win, can’t you just shut the fuck up and enjoy the win and the long journey back”. Oh well I said it now, couldn’t take it back and I pretended not to notice the awkward silence on the coach straight afterwards. I wonder if the FA and Sky actually gave a shit that we did not get back to the Emirates until 3.30am.

FA Cup Semi-Final – 23 April 2017

Love it, love it, love it, the FA Cup that is, brings me back to my youth. Felt more relaxed going to this game as the Spuds had lost the first semi-final the day before and whilst I am no fan of the Chavs I would rather the chance of a day a Wembley against them than those vile Spuds. Great time at the Torch prefer it when we get that side of the stadium. I like being surrounded by decent people, the ever smiling, Mr Cool Dude himself John, Semi, HHS not forgetting my usual lot including the jumped up git that stopped coming to games but attended the semi final. Nice buzz going on until the Wenger Out bus went past and then the in-fighting in the pub started. I just picked up my pints and let them get on with it. Fools!

I saw the Man City line up and I thought please just not a massive thumping. We were not actually that bad and the longer the match was going on I thought we could nick this. Don’t know how I thought that really as my coordination skills were not that great – I really am too old to be mixing my drinks. When Aguero scored I feared the worst, but our heads did not go down (both players and fans) and within 10 minutes it was level. Nacho Bloody Monreal. Get in

Extra time – can I actually take anymore disappointment , Alexis scores in the first half of extra time, can we hold on for another 20 minutes, they somehow remembered they were a team and played like one. I was extremely impressed by Rob Holding who worked tirelessly and passionately. Game finished 2-1 FA Cup final here we come. What did she wear? She wore....

3 days later now back to the league and our push to try and secure fourth place. Home against the Champions of England what a laboured game until the 86 minute for us to score from a deflected Monreal shot which came off Huth. 1-0 nil to the Arsenal, just done 3 points plus a bit of handbags between Huth and Sanchez.

Four days later, the North London Derby – no passion, no heart, no desire, no fight, we lost 2-0. And it could have been more. No St Totteringham Day for us this season. How the Spuds players and fans celebrated ‘finishing above the Arsenal for the first time in 22 years trophy’. I honestly expect an open top bus parade to celebrate that fact along the gauntlet run from the shit hole to Seven Sisters.

After last’s week humbling at Shite Hart Lane we face Moany Mourinho and his band of mixed-up men. Moany Mo had been threatening to play a weakened team against us because he is not interested in finishing fourth. He is only concerned with winning the Europa League. So I for one was intrigued to see what team he would put out against us. For the last few seasons Man U have been pretty average but for some reason they seem have a psychological edge over us, but now with Moany Mo at the helm it feels like double jeopardy. Had a couple a couple of beers before the game, and allowed those few people who “allegedly represent me” and other fans who clearly felt compelled to demonstrate on my behalf. I do hope you feel your efforts were worth it, but please, seriously there really is no need to do so on my behalf; I am more than capable of airing my own opinions. Plus I was too busy having fun and not feeling the need to make myself unnecessarily agitated.

I was taking an ex-colleague and his wife (who whilst lovely she is a Man U fan) so got into the ground so early. I took them to their seats and said that just seems wrong being so early and headed to the bar, then I remembered after the first sip why I never buy drinks at the ground.

The atmosphere was rather weird at the Emirates, it wasn’t the usual pulsating frenzy when playing one of the big boys. There was no energy it was just so flat. I am so glad Moany Mo played a weaker team and made eight changes by fielding a £175 million squad against us. Obscene really but I am only assuming the two donkeys Smalling and Jones are who make up the odd £5 million. Just don’t rate the pair of them and how they get near an England squad beggars belief. We had a lot of possession in the first half but still we went in at 0-0. It was like a dull game of chess, not that I know what a good game of chess is as I have never played the game. Then Xhaxa took one of his outrageous shots which took a deflection and left De Gea no chance, one-nil. Before you could say Xhaka Xhaka Boom Boom it was two-nil. Danny Welbeck headed in from a cross from the Ox. Moany Mo started ringing the changes rather quickly for someone who does not care about fourth. Nonetheless despite more urgency, we won our ‘must win’ game. Whilst there was a small celebration there was not too much, the atmosphere pretty much stayed flat. Unusually a lot of people stayed till the end probably because there were many more tourists that normal. As we were walking up the stairs with the majority of people still clapping there was a group of about 4-5 men started singing “We want Wenger Out” to which I felt the need to retaliate “shut the fuck up and enjoy the moment”. Deep down they must have been truly pissed off that we had actually won.

As the pressure has been getting to the team, the bigger name players have been buckling but for me Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been the stand out player with many a man of the match performances and Rob Holding is not doing too bad either.

Oh well next up midweek trip to Southampton – not sure what players are going to turn up, but the fact of the matter is, no matter which ones turn up, no matter who is the manager, I will continue to go and support the Arsenal at home and as to as many away games as possible because when I sing I am Arsenal Till I Die that is exactly what I mean. It is unconditional and includes the good, the bad and the downright ugly and not this new style of cherry picking like some of you glory hunting, Chavs mentality football followers. I just simply cannot degrade the words “fans” or supporters” to those with selective beliefs, especially if you care to look up the definition of what it is to support.

Anyway Shabs and Potty Mouth, keep them reality tweets coming and just keep saying it as it is.

Until next time #upthearse

Jenny @GoonerJen18

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