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Home Fans

My name is Luke Verbeek, Founder of HomeFans. I am a passionate football fan – I travelled a lot to England to watch football matches and to be part of the unique atmosphere. I’ve been interested in English football since a very young age. In the summer of 2014 I came up with the idea to change the matchday experience for foreign football fans like me. Six months later I now have launched a system for football fans that want a better and authentic football experience during match days.

When I first walked into that ground at the age of fourteen, I fell in love with that team running out in that red shirt, on that great ground, on that green pitch. That experience was what drew me to football and made me think, “Wow”. That is what got me and kept me ever since.

And it’s an addiction you have for life. It was walking into the stadium, the size of it — I was in complete awe of the whole place. I loved the spirit and soul of it, I loved chatting with fellow fans on match days now and knowing that we share a bond in that we support the same club with that same fire in our hearts. I want to give foreign football fans that love their clubs as much as I do the chance to experience something special.

My new concept called Homefans helps visiting fans and local fans to make contact and arrange homestay accommodations when they travel. By encouraging visiting fans to stay with the locals, we aim to help local fans earn an income from sharing their lives with visiting fans from their local club.

All too often, foreign football fans arrive, look around and take photos, but the local people who live there remain little more than 'extras' - part of the background of the local football club. By contrast, visiting fans get a deeper experience of the places they visit than just seeing the club, bars and sights.

Travelling fans will be able to stay with local fans, to get reasonably priced accommodation nearer the stadium and match day experience through the eyes of local fans. Instead of staying in a hotel, fans will spend their time with local fans to experience a better match day experience. Local fans in can give the visiting fans an unforgettable and the most authentic football experience.

As the Homefans idea spreads, you'll help local people earn themselves an income, you'll help visiting fans get more deeply involved when they visit your local area. If you have a spare room, enjoy meeting new people and want to earn some extra money? If the answer is yes, hosting visiting fans in your home could be perfect for you. ‘Homefans can help you to earn extra income for that holiday or special occasion.’

Being a host fan is a great way to meet other fans from around the world and make some extra money too!

You can sign up here. to become a local host fan for Arsenal.

If you want to register as guest on Homefans please get in touch here