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Jenny’s Journals

Grief and Football

Grieving can truly be shit! Losing a young mate so suddenly has really knocked the stuffing out of me. Have been suffering with a lack of motivation and as the “boss” is not the bossy kind well I just took the piss really. Same old Jenny taking the piss has a certain ring to it.

Well there’s been a lot happening, football wise and I have been motivated enough to go to a few games so a quick(ish) recap then.

Swansea at home just after the last international break (bloody hell that was a long time ago, we are having the next flipping one now). Walcott scored just before and after the 30-minute mark. Walcott. Not sure that I really give a shit that Theo has not been inform for England. As long as he keeps banging them in for the Arsenal, suits me just fine. Damn, that ex-Spud Sigurdsson has got one back before half time. The birthday boy gifts himself a present 3-1 Mesut Özil. Cruising 25 minutes to go then 3-2. You begin to think that a game that has been so easy. Why? Twenty minutes to go Xhaka sticks a leg out and takes one or the team and boy did he! He was given a straight red card. Shit decision in my opinion but we hung and got the narrow victory, over one of our recent tormentors to take all 3 points. Bob Bradley - welcome to the Premiership.

Four days later, at home in the Champions League. We were odds on favourites to beat the Bulgarian champions Ludogorets and we duly replied by winning 6-0. This match was all about Özil and his sublime hat-trick.

Three days later back at home again, against Middlesbrough. Extremely disappointed in terms of attempts on goal, to be honest after a lacklustre 0-0 the most exciting part of the day was popping round the corner from the Twelve Pins to get a bit of shopping. When I was on my way back round by the Pins got stopped by some young lads. Weird bunch if I am truthful. Weird like their Dad and Uncle could easily have been the same person if you get my drift. I even said that to them which they thought was funny. They said they were from a place called Arlesey in Bedfordshire. Graham and his West Ham “cousin” Craig, I zoned out through the rest of the introductions. They showed me a montage of photos from the day from pictures of his cute son to pictures of recent vomit deposits. Yep like I said, WEIRD.

Three days later again back at the Emirates for the EFL Cup. That’s the League Cup to me and you. Don’t normally go to these games but thought I might try this bonding malarkey with my daughter. So off we went to watch the Arsenal v Reading. I knew the shrill of those excited and on half-term kids would just get on my blasted nerves. Behind us was this family and quite frankly mum and dad were much more excited to be at the Emirates than the kids, as much as they tried to get them to be enthusiastic, it was just not happening. To be honest I wanted one of them to say Dad I don’t give a shit but they were only about 5 and 7, so I would have been shocked if they did, but would have found it equally as funny. One of them did tickle me and that prima donna daughter of mine when we heard one of the bored kids excitedly shout out “look there’s Pudsey”, nearly pissed myself when the Dad said no that’s Gunnersaurus, Pudsey is for Children in Need. It was so wasted on the kid because Pudsey was just so much easier for him to say and so he continued no matter how many times his dad corrected him. Two-Nil, job done, just grateful I did not have to endure the frigging Mexican wave.

Four days later, next stop Sunderland – my first trip to the Stadium of Light. Was less excited when Buddha Gooner said she was picking me up at 3.30am as the coach was due to leave at 4.15am. The coach had a few faces on it that I didn’t recognise and they were sitting in our usual seats. WTF. I had a strop on and to make it worse had to sit opposite the toilets. Oh my, some of you men just have no frigging manners. Like please, tell me why it would be too difficult to close the fucking toilet door. Cannot tell you how many times I had to ask them to go back and close the door. This attempt at trying to give this clueless lot some social skills was started to get on my nerves but I did not give a shit how pissed off it was making them. They just did not get what the big deal was. I had to say I just don’t want to be exposed to their DNA. Like why would I have to explain that to grown arse men. Furthermore for those of you have not been to away games with the official Arsenal Travel Club, if it is a Beano atmosphere you are looking for, choose another way to get to the game. It is like an OAP day trip to Hastings in terms of atmosphere. So these lads at the back (yes, the ones in my seat) had a little surprise when they thought it was a good idea to start sing. We had renditions of “Who’s that team you call the Arsenal”, followed by, “My old man says be a Tottnum fan, I said fu*k off, bollocks you’re a cu^t”. I can just imagine the Arsenal travel staff twitching in their seats. It is only when we had (twice) “What d’ya think of Tottnum” song ….and a series of “Y1dd0s” did the Arsenal staff come to the back of the coach telling them that that the songs were inappropriate on a family coach because of the language is unacceptable. The poor sad fuckers did not even get it and said what is wrong, why can’t they use the word ‘shit’. The spent the rest of the journey being ironic, singing “Sshh it’s so quiet”.

Finally in Sunderland after what felt likes travelling over land and sea. Had enough time to speak to some locals in particular, a lovely Mackem couple called Tracey and Trevor. Trevor’s best quote was “you lot moan about finishing 4th, we only dream of such things, it is party time if we finish 15th. Manage to find time to slip in a couple of bottles of Stellas with the Wiltshire Gooners. Glad to see that Wiltshire Gel is still a lovable sex pest. Cracking atmosphere in the stadium. Sunderland fans expected fuck all and we expected to thump them, which we did 4-1. It was one-nil to the Arsenal for ages until Petr Cech got bored and gave away a penalty in the in the 63rd minute for Jermaine Defore to make it 1-1. The game then step up another level, Giroud getting 2 goals in a 5-minute spell and Alexis finishing off the game with his second, two minutes later. Had the pleasure of the young Leeds George sitting next to me as we were showered with way too much saliva from the old boys behind us every time they open their mouths. All in all too much DNA sharing for my like today. Long journey back at least I had party bus birthday event to go to as soon as got back to London – but that is a story for another day.

It had finally arrived the North London Derby, as soon as I woke up #NLD was trending. This was supposed to be a blog all by itself. Well what a fucking disappointment. We had the chance to go top and we bottled it. They got a soft penalty and the mong equalised. The subs that came on were pointless. Ramsey was too busy thinking about 35-yard wonder goal pity he could not execute it though. All I wanted was him to play like how he does for Wales. Not even going to mention Ox, he brought nothing of value to the game, woeful. Scum partied the one all draw and I went home with the right royal hump in the rain.

Yet even though the footy has been a bit hit and miss, it is the only thing that I have really put myself out for and still going to football it is what is keeping me motivated right now.

Next up the Mancs away. See you at Old Trafford. Hope the Arsenal boys come back from the international break with that a bit more intensity and hunger than they showed in the NLD.

Until next time #upthearse


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