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Jenny’s Journals

Please let it have been just a miserable month. But to kick off April against Man Shitty ain’t going to be fun.

4 March 2017

Away to Liverpool, was not going to that game because the lovely Buddha Gooner was going to take her Liverpudlian mate and spend the weekend in Scouseland. How easy it is for her to just cast me to one side. Well like a true knight of the realm a ticket appeared and up north I was going with the Black Knight himself along with Hindu Hot Stuff or just Kush to his mates. The lads were on the training waiting for me and produced 3 bottles of Koppaberg, what more can a maiden in distress ask for. It was going to be a shit journey in any event as a wall had collapsed earlier that week going into Lime Street, so it was going to be a coach from Crewe or Runcorn. At least I had brought the snacks, rum punch and freshly fried chicken. How was I suppose to know Kush was a vegetarian? Awkward!

First and last stop the Arkles public house, what a laugh. A lorra lorra larfs as a once famous Scouser used to say. It seems such a shame to go to the football. Got chatting to various people but the stand out was Tim for Leeds. He seem rather amused by me and the Black Knight. Maybe it was because of my superior wit or just that he could just see our jest for life. Basically Do It, Enjoy it or just say Fuck it. Not even going to mention the game but we lost 3-1, journey back by Arsenal coach fell asleep. All a blur.

Three days later mission impossible second leg against Bayern Munich. For all the vile stuff out there on social media there was a very good attendance and all the fans got behind the team. I’ve missed that. Walcott scores in the twentieth minute. There is belief, we are in control of the game. Can we? Half time we went in at 1-0 there was a real buzz. Not even 10 minutes into the second half it was 1-1 and down to 10-men. Koscielny sent off, I am still not sure if I know why. We lose again to them with the same 5-1 score line. Ouch that hurt 10-2 aggregate. Both games lose Koscielny for different reasons but same score. Coincidence – I think not.

Oh well our next game the FA Cup, home to Lincoln. It has become a must win game but it is also a case of damned if we do and even more damned if we don’t. Glad to see we fielded a strong team out there. Lincoln had made it to the quarter finals so they deserved some respect. It took until injury time at the end of the first half before we scored. Walcott again. Game finished 5-0 but more significant the atmosphere was poor and no one would think that another trip to Wembley beckoned.

A week later, I am at Euston back with the Buddha en route to Birmingham New Street. First stop the Wetherspoon, Briar Rose for a bit of brekkie and a pint. Lots to be done before a 12.30 kick off plus we had to put up with some drunken gob shite idiots on the short train journey to the Hawthorns. I can say I am not a big fan or even a fan at all of Tony Pulis. I just always want to knock that self-satisfying smug look off his face.

Thought it was an airshow at first as the first fly by started with the “No New Contract: Wenger Out” – Cringe. Followed by the second and most notably much longer fly by “Respect AW” – double cringe. Where has our class gone. Oh my, some of our fans are not better that them chavs of West London. Embarrassing, not sure how much lower some of you can sink. Even worse loss to a Putrid Pulis team 3-1.

Let me make my position clear, my main gripe is not with Wenger but with the board and in particularly the lack of visibility and clarity by them. I am not sure that another manager is going to give some of you the instant success that you crave. Be careful what you wish for is what I say. So just you all carry on and let the media hype you up about how long we have not won the league for, remember though neither have the Scousers, or the Scum down the road, they have constantly changed managers and have still not even achieved it. The media don’t seem to spend much time on those small details, but like to tell us how they have all improve so much more than Arsenal. Just saying.

You wanted big name players, you got them and we still have not won the league and now some of you are turning against them. Make your fucking mind up what you want. In Wenger’s career he has not had to manage big name players because he made them big name players, this is new to him to manage players that came with that tag already. But many of you are too shallow to see that.

Anyway I like reading my mate Shabs tweets as he just keeps it real.

My pint awaits me......

Until next time #upthearse

Jenny @GoonerJen18

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Are Arsenal really read to challange for the league
Don't be so fucking stupid 0%