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Wallys Word

Another week on from my last blog, and Jesus Christ when will this season take shape, when will this team, start to perform regularly like a team of fighters, who are prepared to shed blood sweat and tears for the shirt?

As for Blood, no not seen it, sweat? Coming from Sanchez yes, the amount of running he does, who can blame him, Tears? Only the fans, and nearly Mr Wenger in his heated press conference this afternoon, he didn’t like being told how it is, and threatening to walk out, was like a child’s reaction who didn’t want to play anymore.

I cannot defend Wenger, he has brought this on himself, as he said, he makes the decisions what he feels is best on the day, well correct me if I’m wrong, he stated prior to Tuesday’s game it was must win, yet he rests a world class Goalkeeper and plays the reserve……I fail to recognise the correlation.

A goalkeeper as we have witnessed over the last decade, is an invaluable part of the team, and can be a major difference between success and failure, many out there claim a world class keeper can win you 10-12 points a season, so ask yourself, if Wenger had sorted our goalkeeping problems out after Lehmann had aged, how many league titles could we have won in the last 8-10 years taking that theory into account, it certainly makes you wonder.

Yet here we are now in 2015, with what I’m sure most would consider a world class keeper, and he only seems to be playing the league games, this nonsense of a “Cup keeper “ for me has to stop, Capital One Cup, I can understand, but champions league must win games, no Arsene, no mate, it’s easy for you to sit there on your 8 million pound salary claiming you don’t understand why it angered the fans, maybe you should be one of us for a day, spending our hard earned cash, for season after season of continued mediocracy, almost standing still whilst we watch other clubs grow, and move on, and adapt to the modern game throughout its continuous changing face, just believing we are Arsenal football Club, and our 1, and 2 touch passing ability will be enough to get us over the line really has run its course.

I believe, and I know you can never speak for everyone, that upstairs in the club is a problem, do they really care enough like us fans do, whether we win the league, no, not really, are they interested in the revenue side of things, ie Arsenal qualifying for the richest prize in the game… betcha, and here for me stands the major issue.

Wenger is in a position where he almost cannot fail, as long as 4th place is achieved its job done, would Wenger have shown so much loyalty to these non performing superstars in the summer, if the board gave him an ultimatum, win the title or you are out of the door?

I don’t believe so, I do however believe Wenger, has far too much loyalty to a lot of players and lacks ruthlessness severely, probably the reason we are losing the same sort of games, season after season with more or less the same players on the pitch, it’s not a coincidence, its plain as day to see.

The belief that no available players out there could improve our squad for this upcoming season is laughable to the extent of ridiculous, as mentioned above, to me a lot of it was down to Wenger’s loyalty to players he already has at his disposal, and not wanting to upset the apple cart if you like by bringing in players that would have to make them fight tooth and nail for their shirt.

Instead the team more or less picks itself, with possible ins and outs, up top, and on the right hand side, the rest is more or less picked, or changed forced by injuries or suspensions.

This squad wasn’t good enough to compete for the league last season (12 points from the top) or anywhere near in the Champions league, so why would it be now? We bought a keeper that’s it, the none performing players will more or less regain their shirt regardless of how they’re playing, and all this to me boils down to Wenger.

Who else anywhere in the world would be given the chances and time Wenger has to get this right? If we were learning from our mistakes I could add a bit of leeway but were not, watching Tuesdays game, was like watching the Monaco game at home from last season, you’d of been forgiven for thinking it was the same game on record you’d accidently still got on your planner.

Chelsea away, forgetting the Costa incident, no game plan, just pass, and see if we can score, no pace to our attacking, by the time we decided let’s get in their final 3rd we were up against 10 men, and couldn’t break them down, and every other club who has played them this season has scored at least twice.

Sunday’s game is massive let’s be honest, our champions league hopes are hanging by a thread, no one wants to see us in the Europa league, That’s Spurs trophy, always will be, and we don’t want to embarrass ourselves playing in that, not to mention the effect it will have on our season, playing games at Sunday dinner, with no atmosphere and even less cohesion in our play that we already show!

After last Saturday I thought my blog would be upbeat and positive but following Tuesday nights debarkle, I’ve found it difficult to reflect on last Saturdays positives.

Man Utd, our old foes, the fixture nowadays lacks the bite it used to have, The Vieira Keane battle, The Spat in the tunnel, Keown on van Nistelrooy, Pizza gate, even going back as far as 91 for the Old Trafford Brawl, you just don’t see it anymore, and it’s a shame, and I look at our players, and cannot see it regaining that spark, not from one our lot anyway.

We really should be walking on the pitch Sunday, and looking at them with hatred, they’re on our turf and they ain’t leaving here without a fight, losing to them shouldn’t be an option.

We need to win, to lose we will be trailing them and City by 5 and 6 points, and that can grow as easy as it can be caught, to stand any sort of chance this season we cannot afford to be playing catch up, we must stay in amongst the pack, and hope for a miracle in January, the cash is there so who knows, but I don’t advise anyone holding their breathe.

We can win Sunday, we beat them in the cup at their ground last year, and we are at home, so for me no excuses, physiologically can we beat them, well that’s another question and one I cannot answer, I think if we are to beat them, we may be relying on Sanchez to carry us over the line, because I don’t see too many leaders out there at the moment and its disappointing to see.

My heart ruling my head I’m going 2-1 Arsenal, Walcott and Sanchez.

Enjoy the game guys, COYG.


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