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Jenny’s Journals

Fifty Five and Fick

22 January 2017

Jeez were do I effin start. Well, Burnley at home is where I left off.

Well I would not have expected anything less than Burnley playing the high defensive line and that is exactly what they did. Dull, dull, dull. Not until the 60th minute did we finally break them down with Mustafi getting on the end of an Özil corner kick. Five minutes later off goes Xhaka, red card, stupid tackle or attempt at one. I had brought 4 pals along with me as some of my usual lot were not about, AGAIN. On the 81st minute, they said see you later we’re winning and off they went. Pity really because it was after then that the game really got started. I was not feeling comfortable with this 1-nil lead. Board comes up 7 minutes injury time still to come. PELANTY, to Burnley – I was not happy, neither was Wenger and he got sent off, whilst I was still able to seethe in my seat. John Moss had lost control of the game by now. Koscielny takes a boot in the face in the box, the Arsenal fans are screaming for it. PELANTYYYYYY and it is given. Oh my, the tension in the ground now is unbearable, well for those who decided to stay and watch the WHOLE game that is. Alexis has the ball and decides to go for a cheeky panenka. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Final whistle. 2-1 to the Arsenal. Burnley must really hate these last second goals we score against them, particularly when there is a tinge of controversy. Job done 3 points.

Next up FA Cup, love the party atmosphere the cup brings but seriously where do some of these cringeworthy fans crawl out of the woodwork from. I don’t even bother arguing with Buddha Gooner when she arranges to pick me up ridiculously early. Got to the stadium with plenty of time, all is well as we are on the lovely Jerry’s coach and he has reserved seats for us. The lovely Michelle is in the seats behind us. St Mary’s here we come. That is when SHE appeared like a middle aged, self absorbed, attention seeking, obnoxious bitch and where does she sit, across the aisle from me. WHY – do I have a fucking radar for all things annoying to gravitate towards me. I knew that 1.25l bottle of Coke Zero was not the only thing in that bottle. Not sure who the young lad was who she was with, but it was not here son, as he kept on trying to remember whether he was 24, 25 or 26. Like really who cares and his companion was 55 as she kept on announcing, and frankly should just know better.

After first stop we picked up a father and son combo, and their mates, bit lively but then that was just was the attention seeking battleaxe craved. Seriously what a pathetic looking individual. Some of these excitable fans that really don’t go to a lot of away games and certainly not with the official travel club really need to brush up on the do’s and dont’s. Simple really. No one will get offended that way. They seriously think they are on a coach to get them down to the seaside for a beano. Grow up, you are going to get to the ground probably at max, 1 hour before the game and that is it. Certain songs started to be sung and the lovely Jerry asked them ever so sweetly to stop using a particular word as it is offensive and they were upsetting people on the coach. Red rag to a bull (or in her case COW) would not let it go. The utter crap that started coming out of her mouth, laughable really - I am not having people snitching on me, telling me that I should not hate Tottenham and so it went on. Every time she could try and mention the “Y” word she would. Father and son combo were goading her and she was so thick that she bit each time. Michelle is used to me by now and could tell I was chumping at the bit. Well the flamboyant Christine, who goes everywhere with the Arsenal, got up and let her have it, told her why she should shut the fuck up. But no did Fifty Five and Fick take heed, on she went saying people like “them” should not even be on the coach and supporting the Arsenal. Seriously how stupid can some people be? She was genuinely struggling with the fact that there are Jewish people supporting Arsenal. What a fucking retard. Anyway not going to give that bitch anymore airtime. Amazing really she soon simmered down once her “Coke Zero” was confiscated. She did promise never to go anywhere with the travel club again. Relief all around then.

Back to the game, which by this time I was already in such a foul mood, I did not think I could enjoy it. I was in the loo when I heard the Southampton team news and I thought well I was not expected this and we seriously should be beating these players that I had not heard of. I was surprised that their manager had decided to rest their players following the magnificent win at Anfield to get to the League Cup final. But hey ho, not our problem. Danny Welbeck getting a start and in just over 20 minutes we were 2-0 up, first goal was looping the ball over the goalkeeper. He is quality. 3-0 up before half time, Theo against his old club. We were cruising this game and on comes Alexis, seriously why is he playing and not just been rested. He did get two assists as Walcott got his hat-trick. We left the south coast 5 nil winners, next round here we come.

Three days later back at the Emirates against Watford, by time I am walking up the steps on the way to the stadium we are already losing 2 nil. We never looked like turning the game around; we got one goal back courtesy of Iwobi. I had never walked so quickly back to Finsbury Park, even in that freezing rain. I was so fecking angry. From those players I so no heart no passion. To be honest I am sick to death of the fans singing “We’ve got Özil” when he really is doing fuck all. How about try singing for some of the players that are trying. Every ground it is the same thing, the same song for somebody who does not deserve all the adoration he is receiving right now. Whatever his issues are he needs to sort it. NOW!

Next up Chelsea away, a game that I cannot go to because of the fact that I simply hate them so much. The first 10 minutes, we were not looking bad and then Alonso elbowed Bellerin, and headed in the ball. However according to one of the Sky commentators he was using his elbows for elevation, really that is why Bellerin is still missing with concussion. Still only 1-0 down at half time gave me some hope. Then what Hazard did to our team (not taking anything away from his goal) but really it was men against boys. At least attempt a tackle or a tug of the shirt and take a booking for the team but no. Yes Coquelin I am referring to you. Wakey Wakey. I sat on my settee shocked, embarrassed and fucking angry of course. Surely it could not get any worse. WRONG! On comes Fabregas who had been declaring his love for Arsenal all week and Cech just throws the ball out to him and Fabregas just puts it in the back of the net. To be honest Cech had a mare all game, not sure he could not have done better for the earlier two goals as well. Giroud scores his customary late goal we left the Bridge 3-1 losers with our tails between our legs. People laughing at the knob with the A3 anti Wenger poster and the Chavksi fans tormenting Ty and nicking his hat (well not all is bad). Well I will admit I spent the rest of the weekend watching a bit of egg chasing.

Next up Hull, I’m off to the pub to meet the one armed bandit - Moggy himself before the match.

Until next time #upthearse


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