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Petr Cech...But what what cost

While we all know we can not take everything we hear for granted and there is nothing us Gooners love more than a good rumour to be happy or disappointed about.

However, The Petr Cech to Arsenal story just doesn't want to go away….In fact if anything this one is building up more pace.

With hearing the news that David Ospina could well be on his way out of the Emirates after only a season with the gunners, with reports from Turkish outlet HaberTurk, Fenerbache are now close to agreeing a £3.2million fee for Ospina, with the goalie set to sign a deal worth £1.5million-per-season.

While I will be the first to admit yes Arsenal are in need for a new Goalkeeper, but I will not hide my disappointment that for some reason Wojciech is preferred over Ospina.

Lets not forget it was Ospina’s first season with us, and after a number of mistakes on AND off the field by Chezzers, it seemed like woj’s time at the Emirates was up.

David came in and you could see the difference he made right away, all of a sudden our defence was playing with more confidence, they didn't look like they had to protect the keeper as much and they had a new look about them, we started to get the results and started to shoot up the table.

While like I said yes we are in need of a new keeper and I would welcome Cech to Arsenal, is he really the answer?

Well it depends on which way you look at it, Yes he can add to the squad but is he going to win us the league?????? I personally don't think so.

Petr is by no doubts a quality Goalkeeper, but in my mind he is no better than what I have seen from Ospina this season. David came in and done exactly what was asked for and needed.

Once again with Arsenal we fail to give a quality player a good chance to make the difference and show what they are worth, this can be summed up with the news that players like Podolski and Campbell are on their way out of the Emirates.

Words just fail me how after balls up after balls up Chezzers golden charmed life at the Emirates looks like its going to continue for a while longer, while a Ospina who has done very little wrong looks like heading for the door.

My choice would be to keep Ospina and let him learn from the quality that is Petr Cech.

However, Mourinho doesn't and wont want to strengthen a rival by allowing Cech to move across to the classier side of london, and to think the cheeky bastard has asked for either Oxlade-Camberlain or Theo in return.

In my mind the Damage is done, While Ospina must feel a little hard done by, if this deal with Cech doesn't pay off how will this effect the moral of Ospina. Chezzers has proved time and time again that he doesn't learn from his mistakes and is never going to be good enough.

The best Keeper we have had in ages and we get rid of him, I know its a lot to compare a player to David Seaman, but I did see a lot of Seaman’s quality in Ospina…Not tall keepers but a footballing mind. and can read the game well.

Lets say Petr was injured, would would you rather come on in his place? Woj? Or Ospina?

Lets not forget, It was Ospina in goal when we started our run of unbeaten games, it was Ospina in goal when we started to climb the table, and it was Ospina in goal when we have had our highest finish in years.

So is Cech the Answer? Yes he is but at what cost? getting rid of one quality keeper to replace him with someone who is on at least the same level and keeping a keeper who has proven time and time again that he cant grow up and his judgement making is poor.

Dont get me wrong, I dont hate chezzers, but is he good enough for Arsenal? is he hell.

I am an Arsenal fan and its not about our favourite players, Its about winning and doing whats best for the club we all love. I would Love to see Petr at Arsenal BUT would hate to see Ospina leave.