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Jenny’s Journals

Falling apart and Fixture fuck ups

11 February 2017

Hull at home with the loveable rogue Moggy. Our very own ginger assassin for those of you who have not had the pleasure. Moggy likes to have a moan that I am always late to meet him, but for this game I took that pleasure away from him even if it did mean running across the bridge.

It was always going to be a game where we were going to dominate, and yes that clinical finishing still letting them down, but just after the half an hour mark, Alexis made it 1-0 from close range. Walcott finally grows a pair and mans up to one of the many giant Hull players; laughable really because it was a case of David and Goliath. But what it did do is gee up the fans and gave Walcott that much needed support. A bit of pride is what we want from our players. For all the possession we had it was one of those games where you could see us dropping points. Oops until that was handball in the 90th minute and Hull go down to 10 men, Alexis takes the PELANTY. 2-0, final whistle and the fans are singing Walcott’s name at the end.

Next stop is the Tollington pub, which I hate with a passion, but what Moggy wants, Moggy gets, such is the power of the man. He picks up the rest of his “harem” Bunns, Nils and Sonia and off we go to carry on drinking in Euston. We met up with sweet cheeks Adam (thought long and hard about what to call him – not sure if I wanted to be nice or just the usual Jen, chose nice which was clearly a struggle) and the ever funny Jonny. It’s times like this why I remember why I like Twitter. Some of the gang were looking forward to their Bayern trip and started to wish that Buddha Gooner and I were going. Oh well.

Next up Bayern at the Allianz, got home early, cooked a lovely steak – now I am ready for action! I was so pumped up, even I thought I was playing in that match. Ten fucking minutes, yes 10, that is how long we lasted before going a goal down. Not sure what happened in training but surely someone must have said “DON’T LET ROBBEN CUT IN ON HIS LEFT”. Well if someone had said, not sure that the players heard you. Alexis playing again for Team Alexis manages to get a PELANTY, which he steps up to take and Neuer saves it but some how that little Chilean’s tenacity managed to get in the rebound – oh Alexis Sanchez Baby getting us that precious away goal. Three minutes into the second half Koscielny goes off injured. Not sure what upset me more, Kos going off or Gabriel coming on. There was the inevitable meltdown and in 10 minutes it went from 1-1 to 4-1. Jesus Wept. In fact, I feel just as sick typing this as I did watching it. Not long to go, we had now gone over 20 minutes without further conceding. Just blow the whistle, on comes Muller, two minutes later we are 5-1 down. Totally mullered in Munich, felt sorry for those travelling fans, they deserved so much more and how many of our ungrateful players went over to thank them for their support. Shocking behaviour from the players. Thankfully I was working from home the next day.

Our next game the FA Cup, away to Sutton, didn’t get a ticket and to be honest I was nervous, my beloved Arsenal have been so heavily ridiculed I was seriously worried about the mental state of our players. In fact the amount of men in black surrounding our players, I thought that there were visiting heads of state at that match, such was the security around our Premier League players. Glad to see Wenger put out a strong team. We needed a good performance and the Sutton players had got that far and frankly they deserved to be treated with some respect. Watching football and being on Twitter is truly amazing because there really are some fuckwits on Twitter. People saying if we don’t get into double figures Wenger needs to walk. I was just grateful for the 0-2 win, Lucas with the first (personally I think should get more games) and Walcott getting the second and joining the 100 Club. Next up in the cup Lincoln at home, another non-league team. They stand between us and another trip to Wembley for a semi-final. Lads please don’t underestimate the magic of the cup and what hunger and desire can do.

I like a bit of Monday night football, first day back at work and something to look forward to in the evening, so we have to back to back Monday night football coming up in April; away to Palace, selfishly I would have love that at 3pm on a Saturday but oh well, Sarf London here I come on a Monday. But to send us to Middlesbrough on a the following Monday night, the last day of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend has truly sent me into overdrive. WTF, if they had moved it to the Friday, which is also a Bank Holiday I would not even have batted an eyelid, but a Monday night. Incandescent with rage, using a lot of say unladylike language, but it actually serves me no purpose because, no matter how much I complain, fuck all will change. Also not sure about putting on the game against Tottnum at 4.30pm on a Sunday was such a smart move either, especially for those that live near that shit hole, sorry Buddha.

No one gives a fuck, not the FA and definitely not Sky. Football is no longer about the fans that go to the matches, as that is not where the money lies, its about the fans that pay subscriptions to watch football on the telly and the amount of money that can me made for those willing to pay for advertising slots during those matches. RANT OVER as the only thing taking notice is my blood pressure.

What has made me smile though, is that I have clearly brought up my daughter well (in some things anyway), she works in a vet’s practice and caught the eye of a customer by a face she must inadvertently pulled when he walked in the door. He obviously noticed because of his subsequent comment, he was wearing as described by my daughter as one of those stupid tops with a cock on a ball, and he said to her “you Arsenal then” and proceeded to say to her and yes it has started “Mind the Gap” to which she responded, “were you not the team that finished third in a 2-horse race last season”. That’s My Girl!

Next up Liverpool away, on the train and then replacement bus service, because of a wall inconveniently falling down, with “the original Bad Ass himself” his words and so clearly not mine. Thank goodness I will have my rum punch and headphones for when he continually tries to tell me how wonderful he is. Don’t worry this is not the end of the adventures of Buddha Gooner and I, she is spending the weekend with another friend where else, in Liverpool of course!!

Until next time #upthearse


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