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What a difference a week makes, the smiles were back last Sunday and it was pleasing to see such an encouraging performance, we didn’t look like we were feeling sorry for ourselves or down in the dumps, we turned up played some excellent football and got the job done.

For me, particularly in the 1st half, it was some of the best football I’ve seen us play in a while, our only downfall was our finishing, fair play to palace who were throwing bodies in the way of everything, I felt it was only a matter of time before we broke the deadlock and it was.

Strangely, when palace equalised, I didn’t panic, I felt quite relaxed, I thought as long as we keep playing the way we are, there will only be one winner, and so it proved, despite our winner being slightly fortuitous.

I took several positives, I thought Ozil was outstanding, and despite my calls to rest him Sunday I thought Cazorla had a great game, from the centre, where he should play, my only calls to bench him were, I didn’t want to see him out wide again, he shut me up though with a class performance so fair play.

Negatives, koscielny again, is he scared of getting a stinger on the leg, surely he’s blocked shots all his life, he’s a centre half, that’s part of his job is it not, despite my hatred for people like John Terry, you would never see him shirking shots coming his way, Kos has the past 2 games and it’s cost us a goal both times, I hope this has been addressed this week, it’s ok making mistakes, but if we’re not learning from them or doing something about them, it will only cost us in the long run.

What’s going on with the right hand side? Ramsey is not a winger, he should not be playing there, it has to be The Ox or Theo for the time being, think about it from a left backs point of view, who would you rather mark? Aaron Ramsey or Alex Oxlade Chamberlain?

No disrespect to Ramsey, but ask yourself this, how many times have you seen him get the ball out of his feet and skin a full back? Never, no that’s because he isn’t a winger, pace isn’t one of his prime assets, if I was a full back and having to mark Ramsey, I wouldn’t be that concerned, I remember back in 2012 when a Bradford full back marked Ramsey on that horrendous night, a league two player, and Ramsey did nothing all night.

He is a central midfielder, let’s not kid ourselves.

On the other side of the token, you’re a full back, and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain picks the ball up, stretches his legs and goes into over drive, your only option is to kick him to stop him, not many full backs could match him for pace or strength, once you’ve kicked him, and you’re in the book your walking on a tight rope, I thought he was one of our only positives against west ham, and typical Wenger, he’s the man who gives way on Sunday.

I honestly believe The Ox is a real talent, and this season is a massive season for him if he can stay fit, but Wenger needs to be careful in my opinion how he handles The Ox, if he continues as a fringe player, the time will come where he has to say to himself, do I need to move on to better my chances of playing every week when fit, I’d hate to see that happen but I’m just being realistic, I wouldn’t class him so much as a young lad any more that we are nurturing, he’s a man now, and I think when fit he needs to be playing.


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