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Jenny’s Journals

We all follow the Arsenal blah blah blah (and Leicester)

Saturday 20 August 2016 - Second game of the season and I meet up with my away buddy Anita, from now on known as Buddha Gooner. She loves for us to go with the travel club on the official coach – it’s cheap, it takes us straight to the away ground – minimal fuss, as she really is a bit of a stress head. Me however, well I just have this casual way about me. If the coach is leaving at 1.00pm, I will be there at 12.58. It’s just the way I am. Don’t see the point of just waiting pointlessly. Well that’s not quite true; I have been waiting for us to win the league title for a fair few years now.

Anyway that buzz that I was missing in the first game was there. The excitement and anticipation of the first away game, and against the Champions. You know all teams are just desperate to show them the win of the coveted league title was a phenomenon.

After a traffic ravaged journey (sober) got to the King Power and was greeted by cheerleaders outside, slightly reminiscent to Legs & Co (look it up if you’re too young). It left just enough time for the vegan loving Buddha Gooner to get some chips and me, my two pints of lager, pre-match away game ritual. Bless her, she thought she could keep up with me.

The concourse was mad, the atmosphere was what I had been missing, people could not give the proverbial flying f^ck that Costa Coffee scored at the end of the game to give the Chavs a win or that team who finished third behind the mighty Arsenal, also left it late to secure 3 points. This is why I love away games. It was about the unity of the away fans coming to make noise and get behind the team. Mmmmmm

Well two of our summer targets were playing for the Champions and got booed every time they touched the ball. I did not get it to be honest. All they did along with their agents was use us to get better deals for themselves. After all Vardy now has a missus to keep. As Jessie J so eloquently put it “It’s all about the money, money money”. Funny in my opinion it makes us look a bit desperate and pathetic, which we are.

It seems that we have turned into an angry set of fans, to be honest I was not really shocked, just disappointed about the volume of the “Wenger Out” voices, particularly so early into the campaign. The Leicester fans were laughing at us. No, I mean really laughing at us. I used the word “us” as I was a part of the away fans but not a part of the haters. Like I said I go to football to support my team on the pitch and totally slate off the opposition. It’s all about the banter or bants as the youth dem say!!

Ermm, did I miss something, away fans started fighting each other. I was so disappointed, I mean you travel 100 miles to fight with each other. Two words came to mind - Fuck wits. Police dragging same sets of fans out. The Leicester fans were proper rolling up.

Time to head to the coach, Buddha Gooner and I had really had enough. We’re seriously too old for this shit. More police running into our end as we were boarding the coach. I mean it is the second game of the season, right!

Surely, 0-0 is much better than get 4 put passed us, Kos looked strong and to be fair, I think Rob Holding can be a decent player, just hope all the booing does not get to him.

Reality check – Wenger is not going anywhere soon, so heaven help us. What are the fans going to be like towards each other at around Christmas time – Cannabalism?

Next stop, Vicarage Road, you will please note I have encouraged the Buddha to take public transport and really get amongst it with the away fans, might even have 3 pints before the match.

Watford will not be any easy feat, particularly with the mentality of our manager, player and the fans right now. They will also be feeling some injustice to losing last week, late on against the Chavs.

Arsenal have always been known as a club with class but now “we” might as well have t-shirts printed with ‘Crass R Us’. Airing too much dirty linen in public for my liking. Probably because I am old school.

I will be cheering on my team with much gusto, that’s not to say that I won’t have a pop about Walcott again if he continues to play like shit and quite frankly it seems to have rubbed off on Alexis. We seriously need a leader on the pitch, someone to stand up and be counted (and off it too).

My cringe of the week – is just hoping we don’t really need to get a collection tin going to make sure all the Arsenal staff get paid. #SMH - bitch please, heard it all now.

Here’s to getting back safe from Watford and hopefully in one piece.

Until next time #upthearse


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